About Me

My name is Ed Armstrong and this is my personal blog where I off load my personal knowledge base. About programming, algorithms, and the tools and techniques they incorporate.

I have Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science. I currently work as an analyst where I support researcher’s use of Canada’s Advanced Research Computing resources. While I have the mouthfull of a job title, “High Performance Computing Technical Consultant”, I deal with all things compute related that a researcher may require. I deal with everything from helping less technologically savvy researchers access and use Linux through ssh, to deploying Web-Servers, and assisting with programming projects.

About The Site

A technical portal to collect code snippets and how-to’s on a variety of computer science and related topics.

Often time I find myself repeatedly searching for the solution to a problem on sites that provide sparse information or is polluted with antagonistic advertising. By curating this information in one location I hope to solve this problem; at least for myself and possibly for other Google Code Warriors.