Installing NodeJS Manually on Linux

If you are installing NodeJS on a machine that you have admin privileges to, you can install NodeJS by downloading the binaries directly. This allows you to bypass any special setup that a version manager may require. Browse to and download the linux binaries. Alternatively use wget.

cd /opt/node
sudo wget
sudo tar -xvf node-v17.0.1-linux-x64.tar.xz
sudo mv node-v17.0.1-linux-x64 17.0.1

You would of course replace the version numbers with the version you are interested in. Also, the move (mv) command is not required, I just prefer to keep the version numbers simple. If this is your first NodeJS install you will need to add sudo mkdir /opt/node.

After you have installed the binary files into the /opt directory you will want to create links so that you can execute them from anywhere.

sudo ln -s /opt/node/17.0.1/bin/node node
sudo ln -s /opt/node/17.0.1/bin/npm npm
sudo ln -s /opt/node/17.0.1/bin/npx npx